The original idea for Deliverability.TV came from Anthony.

On a legend evening a few years back, while sitting on a couch smoking a cigarette, he decided to share with the world what Deliverability is and means in 10 lessons.

Unfortunately, the idea remained an idea for a few years, until Anthony and Florian decided in the end of 2016 to follow-up with the project. In Munich, the basics have been discussed on 1st of February 2017 and finally, in the end of February 2017, the first episode was recorded via Skype.

The first 10 episodes have been the original intended beginners guide published once a week – from there we decided to publish every other week on Thursday. There’s a lot of ideas and episodes in the pipe and the goal is to bring as much expertise knowledge from guests in as possible – and reach a broader range of people working in the email Marketing area.

Hope you enjoy the show – any ideas, comments or improvements are always welcome.


Anthony and Florian (August 2017)