Episode 035: “Thomas Fontvielle, Signal Spam”

This episode we had the pleasure of speaking to Thomas Fontvielle, the general secretary of Signal Spam.
He took time out from his busy schedule at the M3AAWG to provide some updates on Signal Spam and his key insights into current affairs.
We look forward to inviting you back for another episode, thanks a lot. PS congratulations on your 10 year anniversary.

Anthony Mitchell
Florian Vierke

Thomas Fontvielle

2:22 Introduction to Thomas, and his journey into E-Mail
4:01 Thomas 10 years at SignalSpam! Congratulations.
5:05 The aim of SignalSpam
9:43 Any trends in spam complaints during the lockdown?
11:25 Replay campaigns
16:05 Strategy to tackle spam, anti spam enforcement
17:24 SignalSpam Feedbackloops (FBLs) and data sets explained
19:34 ISP landscape in France
22:38 Rumour SignalSpam to collaborate with CSA?
25:20 What happens when I report spam to SignalSPam?
28:55 Blocklists working with SignalSpam
34:00 Odd behaviours in E-Mail during lockdown (panic E-Mail)
34:57 Collective defences philosophy
36:40 SignalSpam general assembly
38:20 Netflix show recommendation & leisure
42:45 Closing notes and remarks from Thomas
45:11 Teaser for next meet up & episode

Thanks all for watching!


Signal Spam:

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