Episode 024: “Deliverability Community in Brazil”

We’re meeting Érick Galembeck, Deliverability Manager at Splio in Brazil. While he’s not sure about the pronunciation of his name, Érick is giving us some insides in the ISP and Deliverability landscape overseas and existing local initiatives and communities.

The episode references a bit the blog post, that Érick has published a few weeks ago on inboxplacement.com: http://inboxplacement.com/2017/11/deliverability-in-brazil/

This is the first part of a longer interview. The next part will shed some light on the topic “growth hacking” which seems to be a common practice in Brazil.

Stay tuned!

Starring: Anthony Mitchell, Florian Vierke
Guest: Érick Allan Galembeck
Edits: Florian Vierke
Music: The Rehats (rehats.com)

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