Episode 036: “Let’s authenticate the world” with Yanna-Torry Aspraki

In this episode, we speak about our guest Yanna-Torry Aspraki and her project “letsauthenticatetheworld.com”. Yanna-Torry’s parents emigrated from Greece to Canada, where Yanna-Torry was born, grew-up and introduced in the Deliverability community. Since last Year, Yanna-Torry moved back to Europe and works from the Netherlands nowadays.

Thanks for being our guest, Yanna-Torry!


2:30 How did you come into email?
4:00 The politicat side of email, laws and contracts
6:15 The email community in canada and Europe
8:13 Email geeks slack channel
10:26 M3AAWG
11:18 Yanna-Torry’s favourite email topic at the moment
15:35 Interactive email – are Marketers ready yet?
17:15 Let’s authenticate the world (dot com)
24:15 What’s the biggest struggle with authentication to marketers today?
27:55 Where Yanna-Torry grew up, her background in email and languages
30:23 Email landscape in Europe vs. Americas
33:00 Geek merchandise and swag
34:27 Anthony’s newsletter tip for PROs
36:53 Superhuman and the zero-inbox approach
38:00 Running an own mailserver
42:00 What does Yanna-Torry like and hate about email?

Watch the full episode (for free) at: https://youtu.be/LPkCoT9p2L8

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