Episode 032: “Reading an Email Header”

Florian and Anthony start the new season – in this episode, we’re talking about what an email source looks like. We’re mainly looking into the most important elements of email headers, but also have a look into plain text and HTML MIME parts and Base64 encoding.

We’re looking into a few good and bad examples and try to avoid the Corona-topic as much as possible.

Have fun with this episode:

Deliverability.TV Episode 032: “Reading an Email Header”


  • 02:12 min: What is this episode about?
  • 04:40 min: Offtopic: How are our football clubs doing?
  • 08:03 min: Looking into an email header (sample 1)
  • 11:00 min: What are the most important elements in Email headers?
  • 14:40 min: Specifications of internet protocols: the RFCs
  • 16:20 min: Email sample 2: Everything implemented correctly with tidy HTML
  • 18:00 min: Sample 3: Base64 encoded
  • 19:30 min: Bad example of an email
  • 20:15 min: Phishing mail on GMX
  • 23:20 min: Gmail sample from Anthony
  • 24:00 min: Quick wins
  • 25:30 min: Multipart Messages
  • 26:30 min: Base64 Encoder/Decoder
  • 27:30 min: Is it still important to have a text version in emails?
  • 29:30 min: Recap
  • 30:40 min: Outlook


Anthony Mitchell, Florian Vierke




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